Biggest Challenge for Empaths: Burning Bridges

Healing and caring for others are two of the many passions of an empath. Empaths have a way of projecting positivity and love in such a way that leaves them feeling drained because they are not given the same love and positivity in return from many people. They try to refrain from negative talk and gossip because they know that no good comes from this sabotaging behavior. They are constantly advocating for other lives and putting their own on the back burner. Empaths forgive those who hurt them endlessly because they want to believe in the potential of others, not realizing that this failure to burn bridges, in fact, takes away from their own healing (or they are simply willing to sacrifice their peace for the well-being of another).

How paradoxal is it that empaths most often tend to be the ones who have experienced life’s lowest lows– self-hate, self-sabotage, judgement, rejection and abuse at the hands and words of others– yet we want so badly for others to feel worthy and whole?

Roses produce thorns to protect their glorious beauty from being utterly destroyed, yet empaths welcome those suffering, lost souls or even predators of spirit– all at the cost of our inner peace. Perhaps that’s the beauty of empaths– to show the beauty in the world even when they don’t feel it at times themselves. Still, as selfless as this may seem, empaths too, must be willing to burn the bridges with those who do not desire to embrace the beauty of the universe which we inhabit. For if these souls do not wish to see the beauty and positive energy flowing through our very existence, then they are the negative energy which we cannot continue to eternally feed at the expense of positivity.

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