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I’m originally from Carmel, Indiana, which is plausibly why I’m so extra. I’m a (single!) mother of two and a recent college graduate. My life consists of being exhausted and raised by my two kiddos (yes, I said that right), tuning into Vanderpump Rules (team Stassi Schroeder for life) and trying to figure out how to navigate this crazy world we live in. I’m a virgo and I love wine– specifically Moscato and Pinot Grigio.

I made the decision to take the opportunity to make this blog because of ongoing struggles I’ve had with transitioning into parenthood, adulting, seeking employment, depression, religion and trying to find my purpose. I plan to document my journey and share my truth in hope that we can see that there is more to life than the picture perfect life we are all guilty of modeling on social media.

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