Biggest Challenge for Empaths: Burning Bridges

Healing and caring for others are two of the many passions of an empath. Empaths have a way of projecting positivity and love in such a way that leaves them feeling drained because they are not given the same love and positivity in return from many people. They try to refrain from negative talk and... Continue Reading →

Advice: Soak it in

I never once thought I might be the type to enjoy the process of nursing a wilting plant back to health, but now I find myself wishing I would've adopted this so-called hobby years ago. One thing I should note is that I used to despise pests of any archetype. Need not discriminate, every single... Continue Reading →

~Slippery Slopes~

Depression is difficult enough to cope with. Top that with seemingly endless trauma and there you have it: A basket case. Before you read too far into the statement above, I promise I am ok. I still get out of bed. I still perform my daily motherly duties. I still cook and clean. I still... Continue Reading →


Money. Everybody wants it. Some have a lot and some have only a little, but our desires have no cap or limitation. In fact, our desires tend to exceed our cash, savings, and assets. When loved ones pass away, money and inheritance often become a point of tension among remaining family members. How is it... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Broken

I haven't mentioned it, but I've been going through divorce for going on two years. I have devoted myself to being honest and transparent, so for all you people that have been through any form of abuse in any relationship-- whether emotional, physical, verbal, mental, sexual, or any other form-- I feel for you. There's... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Dark Side

It's been about a week since I last checked in, so I figured I might as well share what's been going on. Honestly, I feel really freaking drained; emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. No amount of sleep could even begin to relieve this level of exhaustion. It appears that I've come down with a case... Continue Reading →

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