Money. Everybody wants it. Some have a lot and some have only a little, but our desires have no cap or limitation. In fact, our desires tend to exceed our cash, savings, and assets. When loved ones pass away, money and inheritance often become a point of tension among remaining family members.

How is it that humans have been able to give paper so much value? Trees literally provide us with all the oxygen we need, yet we opt to destroy the very lifeline that breathes oxygen into our lungs. Why can’t the gift of life be sufficient?

Last week, as my younger brother, Sam, was preparing for board a plane to return to the mainland, I took my daughter and son to a nearby beach to (finally) witness a beautiful Kona sunset. I’ll include a picture below, but please be aware that I’m no professional when it comes to photography.. or anything for that matter. ANYWAYS, I will never forget my thoughts as I took in the beautiful sight of the falling sun.

I must be honest. Due to events throughout my life I’ve been coping with a loss of faith for as long as I can remember. I want to believe more than anything in this world, but it’s seemed so unlikely that any creator truly exists. Yet this doubt in the existence of any god didn’t stop me from hoping that somehow, somewhere, God could be looking down on us as all appreciating us the way that we appreciate a beautiful sunset or the twinkling stars. (If nature is not your thing, I totally hope there’s a god who appreciates you as much as you appreciate your favorite gangsta rap song, horror film, etc.)

End Note: I failed to publish a post weekly as I initially pledged to do. My apologies. Life has been full of chaos and transition of which I will soon provide you with updates on.

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